Holi, the festival of colour, bids adieu to cold winter season as well as heralds arrival of joyful season of spring. It is all about plethora of colours, happiness and exuberance. Traditionally, Holi was played with colours extracted from beautiful flowers and herbs of spring time. Natural colours had a lot of therapeutic value which seemed to be beneficial for skin, hair and health as a whole. But down the years, natural colours have been replaced by toxic synthetic colours that may often cause harmful side effects such as eye irritation, blindness and even skin cancer.

Clean Gold JewelleryWorried only about your health? What about your accessories? Due to excessive toxic materials the life span of precious gold and diamond jewelleries too may be at risk. With Holi approaching fast, it is also the time to protect your jewelleries. Have fun and frolic but do take a lot of care to protect your rings, necklace, pendant and many more. Here are a few tips you must follow to shield your precious possessions from harmful Holi colours. Aspire for safe Holi this time.

Clean with utmost care

Show off your jewelleries this Holi and once celebration ends, you should not make a delay to clean all of them on time. Make sure you keep them inside a bag and prevent pigmentation due to excessive oxidization.

Holi Hai

Use soft brush

Have you identified black spots on your gold jewelleries? Dark coloured spots often appear whenever metals get exposed to the body smeared with colours and water. Use soft and clean brush in order to wash out the dark spots. If required, you can dip the brush in liquid soap water while cleaning the jewelleries.

Extra precaution in case diamond jewelleries

The golden rule is to take out your precious diamond jewellery before you play with colours during this festival of colours. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Take care of diamond and let it sparkle to illuminate your mood and life forever. Even if the diamond gets tinted, you should soak it in lukewarm water and then mix at least one or two drops of high quality ammonia based cleaner. Use soft tooth brush in order to eliminate the residues. Wash it properly in clean water as well as allow it to become dry in open air.

Avoid it to get tarnished at any cost!

Cleaning jewelleries after the Holi blast is not enough. Make sure you keep them along with no-tarnish bands. Can’t find these items? Plain chalk will serve the purpose. They absorb dust particles that can otherwise discolour your jewelleries and damage them quickly. Enjoy the festival to its fullest. All you need is to follow the tips to protect your jewelleries. Have a gala Holi celebration this year.

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Holi Haii…

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