We are already in month of May and summer is in full bloom. Sunny weather, warm breeze and birds’ chirping are here all around. And when we talk about significant summer festival, Akshaya Tritiya immediately comes to our mind. It’s a day of eternal fortune and happiness. Being one of the most auspicious days in Hindu calendar, Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is being celebrated in India with pomp and grandeur. It falls on third day post new moon in Vaishakh (April and May) and this year, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 9th May.

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Why Akshaya Tritiya is so important in Hindu tradition?

Hindu culture is replete with thousands of traditions or beliefs that enroot in scientific facts or phenomena being observed by people several millions of years ago. That every month, rather every day holds a huge significance cannot be overlooked. And it is best reflected in Akshaya Tritiya’s importance. Akshaya Tritiya falls amongst that three as well as half days (sadhe teen mahurats) that is considered to be most auspicious day to inaugurate good things in life.

Akshaya Tritiya means...

with time and lasts forever.

Tritiya, another term in Sanskrit, denotes third day in the lunar cycle.

The date of occurrence too has a deep meaning. As already mentioned, it falls on third day after new moon day in Vaisakh when and May) when Moon as well as Sun both shines at the brightest. Interestingly, such phenomenon happens only one time in a year. It’s an age old belief that one year of life as a human being equals to one day of a deity. And for Hindi deities, Vaishakh is their morning time when they usually wake up to shower their blessings and sanction to new activities or initiations. Even the waxing of Moon also signifies rise of strength that continues for a prolonged period of time. And when both Moon and Sun attain maximum brightness, it becomes quite obvious that all things that come under their effect achieve utmost lustre too. What a wonderful blending of science and tradition? Too rare to find a similar example in any other Hindu festival! That’s the uniqueness of Akshaya Tritiya.

Akshaya Trititya legends


There are umpteen legends popular in India that emphasizes how auspicious this day is. The popular ones are enumerated below:

On Akshaya Tritiya, Kuber, the god of wealth, himself paid homage to Goddess Laksmi.

Parashuram, sixth incarnation of Vishnu, took birth on Akshaya Trititya

On this day, Lord Ganesha and sage Vyas began the writing of great epic , Mahabharata

It was the day when Krishna gave the magic bowl of food to Queen Draupadi in order to protect her from Durvasa’s fury

It was also the birthday of Annapoorna, the Hindu deity of food as well as grains Sudama met Lord Krishna on this auspicious day which actually transformed poor Sudama’s life. In fact Sudama was thought to be blessed with luxuries as well as wealth.

Here are four auspicious activities celebrated on this day:

Making new beginnings such as wedding, house-warming ceremony etc, popularly called Yaajanaam

Yajanam or the auspicious act to provide sacred things to the celestial beings ‘

Donating clothes, food or other necessary things to poor people which is called Dhaanam

Pratigraham or the activity involving acquisition of new properties as well as assets such as gold, land, house and so on.

Multiply your riches!

According to Hindu scripture, all the four activities mentioned above will have one thousand times stronger effect than that you get in any other normal day. For instance, if you donated one gram of gold on Akshaya tritiya, it is expected that you will get one thousand grams of gram in return. The similar is the result in case of property investment, food, cloth and so on.

Gold Facts on Buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is second most auspicious day of purchasing gold after Dhanteras. It’s the latest trend. And now the pertinent question- why people mostly buy gold and not other thing on this day? Below are a few vital reasons you must be aware of.

# Why Buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya Is So Important?

Buy gold for good luck!

There is a reason why Hindu tradition focuses on buying this yellow metal on this particular day. It is because of the purity it achieves after evolving from fire. Fire is an age-old symbol of most undiluted as well as purest form of energy that actually cleanses everything that comes in its close contact. In As per Hindu tradition, any sacred thing symbolises prosperity as well as good fortune and that’s why gold metal is preferred over property acquisition or other less-valuable assets.

Gold is a woman’s best friend in need!

Be it wedding or birthday, gold is considered to be the most preferred gift for a girl child. The reason is that in the bygone eras, women did not get scope for higher education and they mostly had to depend on their male counterparts throughout their lives. Gold was more than jewellery for her; rather it became a valuable asset especially during critical situation. She can wear it in good time and even sell it for money to save her family. It serves her both purposes.

Flaunt Yourself!

Gold is jewellery you can easily flaunt. Be it a traditional saree or western outfit, it matches well with all the dresses. You can buy one and stay stylish during this Akshaya Tritiya celebration.

Gift of love

Gift it to your loved ones on Akshaya Tritiya and make them feel special. Gold ornaments are ideal gifts which they will cherish for rest of their lives.

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Akshaya Tritiya falls on 3rd day of after new moon in the month of Vaishakh. The reason why it is considered to be so auspicious is the belief that a year of human life stands equal to one day of Devtas (celestial beings).